2019 Belli Hall Dance Dates – Out Now



02 February
9 March
13 April
18 May
22 June
3 August
7 September
12 October
16 November (Christmas Dance)
31 December (New Year’s Eve)

The main attraction at our dances is the live music supplied by the very popular five piece  ‘Sunshine Swing’ band.

The dance program features many of the old time favourites people have danced for years. These include  Gypsy Tap, Evening Three Step, Swing Waltz, Maxina, Pride of Erin, Merrilyn, Log Cabin, Parma Waltz ,Canberra Two Step, Oxford Waltz, Jive, Foxtrot and Barn Dance.

If children are present the band includes either a Hokey Pokey, a Chicken Dance or the Mackarena.

For more information or for a yearly planner pdf head over to the Belli Hall Dance Page