The not for profit Belli Community Hall Association Incorporated, better known as the Belli Hall Committee, manages and maintains the hall. Committee membership is open to all people interested in contributing their support to the hall and its activities. Although our committee is small in number, we are fortunate to have the support of a number of people prepared to help out from time to time.

Mission Statement:
To be responsible caretakers of the Belli Community Hall and to promote it as an excellent venue for social and group activity, thus enhancing its relevance and importance to the residents of the Belli Park community.


  • To maintain the hall, the assets and the surrounding grounds in an excellent condition.
  • To conduct regular meetings and to keep accurate records of these meetings and of hall activities.
  • To be prudent managers of the hall’s finances with a focus on securing financial sustainability.
  • To access grants and other sources of funding to enable projects and major upgrades to proceed.
  • To identify potential risks and to develop and follow safe practices to ensure the safety of all people who make use of the hall.
  • To promote the availability of the hall for individuals, groups and clubs to access/hire.
  • To encourage residents of the Belli Park community to be members of the Hall Committee/participants in hall activities.
  • To initiate, promote and conduct social and recreational activities.

Committee Team:

  • Committee President
    Durnford Dart
  • Committee Vice-President
    Paul Stephenson
  • Committee Secretary
    Pauline Currell
  • Committee Treasurer
    Petrus Habermehl
  • Bookings
    Christine Stephenson

Meetings of the Belli Community Hall Association are held in the hall on the third Thursday in March, June, September and November starting at 7.30 pm. All interested people are welcome to attend. The September meeting is also the Annual Meeting.

Members of our small committee are kept busy looking after the general maintenance of the hall as well as cleaning and mowing.

The committee organises dances, social functions and a Cancer Council Morning Tea, as well as coordinating the hire of the hall.

New members are most welcome.

Contact us for further information.